What are Non-12 Step Drug Rehabs?

The simple answer is yes - there are alternatives to regular 12-step rehab programs. There are many different treatment methods available today that do not involve the traditional twelve steps. Some are much more natural or holistic in their approaches and do not focus on medications or disease theory, while others may follow a more medicalized model. Below you will find a listing of different types of non-12 step treatment centers and support groups.

Rational Recovery

Practical Recovery

SMART Recovery

St. Jude Retreat

St. Gregory Center

Inner Balance

The Alternative to Meds Center

Malibu Horizon

The Sanctuary

Prominence Treatment Center

Brookside Institute

Passages of Malibu

And many others...

If you are looking for a non-12 step rehab program for yourself or a loved one but not sure what your choices are or how to proceed, contact us and we will do our best to assist you in locating an appropriate facility.

Sometimes people looking for alternative recovery methods are fed up with something that doesn't seem to be working for them, or there is some portion of the philosophy that they don't agree with. Other times people just want something more individualized to their specific needs for long-term recovery and don't want a regimented path they must follow. If you can think of your ideal non-12 step rehab program, we can probably help you find one that is a close match to what you're looking for.

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