What's The Difference Between Drug Abuse & Addiction?

Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol Will Turn Into An Addiction

The difference between abuse and addiction to drugs or alcohol can sometimes be a very fine line, while in other cases it is very evident. Many addicts are actually classified as "binge users". This is where they will drink heavily or use drugs for several days in a row until they either run out of money or their body gives out and they have to rest. We see this often with alcohol abuse, cocaine and crack as well as other drugs such as heroin or methamphetamine. Each time the binge use stops there are always going to be some type of withdrawal symptoms that are encountered.

When this pattern of binge use continues repeatedly for many weeks or months, then someone could be said to be addicted. Whereas there are many other people that go on a few binges that then are able to pull themselves out of it by seeing the negative consequences that build during the binge periods.

A broader definition for drug abuse can also include any time someone uses an illegal drug or if they are taking prescription drugs without a legitimate prescription or more than what has been prescribed in order to achieve some sort of high or escape from unwanted feelings.

There are many cases of drug and alcohol abuse that have not fully developed into what might be considered addiction that still do require a drug or alcohol rehab program. The rehabilitation acts as a form of intervention to change habits and routines so that the problem doesn't get worse and so that they can get back on track. This also happens through the court systems in cases of drug possession, multiple DUI's, etc. and the intent in both cases is to prevent someone from losing his or her life to addiction.

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