What Is Detoxification?

Drug Detox Treatment Programs Do Work

Detox is an abbreviation for detoxification. This simply means to withdraw from the immediate effects of alcohol or other drugs. Sometimes all that is required to detox from certain drugs is to get sufficient sleep and food.

Other drugs carry heavier side effects and withdrawal symptoms and may require a medically-supervised detox to safely step down from them. These may include extreme amounts of alcohol or opiates and a wide range of prescription drugs like benzodiazepines, antidepressants and antipsychotics.

Many rehab programs offer non-medical detoxification within their facilities. It is best to consult with a qualified medical professional regarding what type of detox will be best for your situation.

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What Is A Medical Detox?

Drugs With Heavier Side Effects May Require A Medical Detox Program

A medical detox center is a facility that provides a higher level of medically-supervised care while someone is withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs. Usually this includes a doctor prescribing some alternative drugs on a short term basis (about 5-10 days, depending on the amount and type of drug) to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal and eliminate the risk of serious medical complications such as dehydration, seizure, DT's, and more.

A medically-supervised detox can sometimes be performed at a regular rehabilitation center if they're licensed for it, it can be done in some hospitals that have a detox unit, and there are also stand-alone detox programs that only deliver this type of service.

It should be known that not all medical detox procedures are the same. Most clinics only do the minimal amount necessary without relieving most of the discomforts. Other clinics might keep someone too long because their insurance will pay for it. There are some medical detox facilities that strive to provide the best detox services available for each individual in a nice atmosphere and go extra lengths to address other physical problems caused by the drugs, such as nutritional deficiencies, etc.