What Is The Best Type Of Rehab Center?

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Many people wonder what the best type of drug rehab program or center really is. It's not an easy question to answer because there can be so many variables based on individual circumstances. Some of these include location, setting, time, previous attempts at rehabilitation and other methods used to get off drugs.

While there may not be one single facility that is going to be the best center for everyone, there are some common components in the most successful rehabs. Therefore, here are the points that should be addressed:

  1. The best program should not be time-limited. It is absolutely impossible to say how long it will take each person to become rehabilitated, so a time restriction (by the client or the facility) will limit the chances for success to some degree, even in a longer-term program. The opposite may also be true in forcing treatment to go on for too long to where the person begins to rebel. The key is to find the right length of time and treatment program for the individual's needs.
  2. It should be drug-free treatment, if possible. Of course there are certain times and situations where some drugs may be necessary, but the current trend to medicate an increasing number of clients has a direct result in the high rate of relapse, by observation. The best rehabs seek to get clients off all drugs if possible, prescription or otherwise, so that the individual is more in control over himself and his actions, whereas many drugs used in other treatment centers actually take control away from the person by hijacking their brain.
  3. It may have some focus on handling the physical damage created by substance abuse. There are emerging leaders in holistic methods that provide nutritional therapies, extended body cleansing, exercise and other rehabilitative aspects that go a long way to increasing physical health and contribute to bettering their mental health as a result. A body that is still poisoned will have some negative consequences if left unhandled. There are many different ways to address this, and it also may not be as important of a factor for some people compared to others.
  4. It should provide educational tools that can be applied to life. It is one thing to have a mantra, but it is quite another to learn more about yourself and your environment and new methods of being able to handle living so that problems in life don't become too overwhelming and cause someone to want to revert back to alcohol or drug abuse as an escape.
  5. The best rehabs also provide counseling therapies that are cognitive-based. Someone with a lab coat and a certificate on the wall can talk at an addict forever without gaining much ground, but counselors with experience in the area who can relate to the clients and help them come up with solutions for their own lives, that are specific to their needs, will create a much better and longer-lasting effect.
  6. It should also provide some type of mechanism to unstick people from the past - their actions, the grief, the hurtful things they did to themselves and others - all of which need to be addressed and then left in the past to be able to move on in the future. Programs that keep referring to these old ways will actually leave addicts stuck back in them instead of looking forward and planning ahead. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for people to be able to move on with their new lives rather than constantly reminded of their past mistakes.

While none of these are absolute, they are components that are present in the most successful rehabs today. the most important aspect for any rehabilitation program to be considered the best is that it must be the right fit for the individual and his or her circumstances. There is no one way that works for everybody. The more rehab options available to a person will allow for the search and discovery of the best rehab for the individual's situation.

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