What Is A Biophysical Drug Rehab?

Biophysical Rehab Programs Physically Treat Addiction

A biophysical drug rehab center is a non-12-step rehabilitation program that has a very unique method of eliminating the stored drug residues from a person's body. According to them, drugs and other toxins leave deposits in the fatty tissues of a person's body, which are said to cause many adverse reactions if not handled. These reportedly include physical cravings for the drugs, mental difficulties, impaired memory, depression, anxiety and a host of other symptoms, depending on the drugs.

The biophysical detoxification process includes exercise, vitamin B3 and other nutritional supplements that include oils and minerals to help replenish what has been stripped away by the drugs and to restore natural health in the body. This is combined with periods of sweating in a dry-heat sauna to help flush out the toxins and plenty of water, salt and potassium as well as frequent cool-down periods to ensure the person doesn't overheat or become dehydrated.

Biophysical drug rehabilitation programs are used in a number of different settings and there are more than a dozen locations throughout the country. However, the basic program (used mostly by Narconon centers), was developed in the late 70's and there have been many advancements in detox and nutritional remedies since then. There are many facilities that offer alternative treatments these days.

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