What Is An Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs GivesAddicts A Safe Place For Recovery

An inpatient drug rehab is a treatment facility where someone goes to get help who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. It is also known as a residential drug rehab.

Inpatient or residential centers are generally more successful than outpatient programs simply because the individual is in a more distraction-free and controlled environment to deal with their issues. This also means that there is 24-hour supervision and access to medical personnel and counselors in a more intensified process rather than something that is varied or sporadic.

Inpatient programs can last as little as a week to as long as a year or more in different settings and applications. Many addicts who go to residential facilities have already had unsuccessful treatment attempts in outpatient programs or counseling sessions. This is one reason why many rehab professionals will recommend inpatient drug rehabs even if it is the first time the addict has sought help.

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What Is A Long-Term Drug Rehab?

Long-Term Rehabs Produce Greater Success

A long-term drug rehab program is a residential treatment facility where people go and stay to handle their addictions. Most programs only last about 30 days, but a longer-term program is generally considered to be anything over a month.

One of the most common lengths of time is about 90-days of treatment, however there are also 6-month programs, 12-month programs and those that are even longer. Facilities that have an open-ended approach to rehabilitation that do not set time limits are typically more results-oriented and may offer a better recovery rate.

Many court systems today are demanding long-term rehabs for those who are sentenced to treatment instead of jail, yet finding a successful longer-term program that fits your needs may be difficult. In many cases it may be necessary to travel out of state to locate the right facility that works and is also long enough and cost-effective.